Being arrested and thrown in a jail is a situation that is unforeseen. This predicament often finds many people financially unprepared when the court sets a high amount of money that they need to pay to get out of jail for the moment. In case you or someone you care is arrested, you can contact our bail bondsman Columbus who will help you in ensuring that the defendant is free until the case is closed. If you can afford to pay the full amount set by the court, the court refunds this amount if the accused is present on all court proceedings. However, the courts will deduct administrative fee and any fines or some courts that you could owe the court. When you select our services, we will help you in avoiding all these inconveniences.

Why choose bail bondsman in Columbus

There are more than three reasons why you should consider using our services. Apart from speeding up the process of your release, all our professionals are professionally trained and licensed to ensure that you get out of jail within the shortest time possible. Another reason why you need to select our services is that we are very affordable. Most other companies that offer bail bonds tend to exploit their customers by charging expensive rates that are not affordable for many individuals. Our rates are reasonable to suit your budget. We also ensure that we give our clients all the information you need about the bail process for you to make an informed decision. Our company is also respected in Columbus Ohio and has gained vast experience in ensuring that you are back to your family within the shortest time when put in jail.

Our licensed bondsman are fast and convenient. You just need to pay a small percentage of the total bail to our us and we will ensure that you or your loved one is free to be with the family. We are professionally trained to ensure that the jail release is easier and offer the following common type of bail bonds to secure your release.

Surety Bond

You can entrust our company to offer you this bond to help you or your loved one to get out of jail. A surety bond is where a third party pays for the accused and therefore assumes the responsibility of the defendant. Our company will assume the responsibility of you or for the loved one who is accused and pays the whole amount of bail set to help you or your loved one to be released. There is a fee that is usually around 10% that will have to be paid.

Immigration Bond

Immigration bonds are high-risk that are very hard to get. When you are arrested because of illegal immigration, you may be required to pay this for you to be released. Although this bond must be arranged though federal offices, our company is licensed to issue and to help secure your release. Most of the Companies tends to charge very high amount of money because of the extra criteria that is involved, but we have come with measures that ensure that you pay a fair price.

Government Bond

This bond is set by a judge in a court and is requested for the accused or the lawyer. One factor that you should consider is that this bond is viewed as a high risk and often comes at a higher cost than a regular bond.

Property Bond

You will use your property such as a house to secure your release or that of your loved ones. One thing to note is that the property value must be 150 percent of the safeguard sum that was set as bail.

For you to ensure that you or your loved one is released you just need to contact our company to help you. Our company ensures that we provide the fastest service no matter the type of bond that you select. Our representatives are available twenty four hours and seven days a week to help speed up your release process.

We service all of Columbus including suburbs Westerville, Dublin, Olentangy, Polaris, Sunbury, Hilliard, Delaware, Reynoldsburg, Powell, Pickerington, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Lewis Center, Bexley, Whitehall, Downtown, German Village, Grove City, Groveport and Canal Winchester.

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